I Broke My MacBook Pro’s Retina Display

I still remember it so vividly. January 2, 6:15 AM. I was still half-awake but realized I still had an hour to work to beat Upwork’s weekly cut-off.  So get up, I did. Oh yes! I work even during holidays! What a bummer! But that’s not even half of the horror I had that day!

When I opened my laptop, I saw this really colorful screen in front of me. I couldn’t make sense of what I was looking at because my eyes were half opened. But when I tried to move the pointer/mouse, I couldn’t find it. I tried opening and closing my eyes several times, and I still couldn’t see anything but colors.

So I turned the laptop off. And lo and behold. I saw this really long crack right at the bottom left of the screen. It looked like a car windshield after someone threw a stone at it. Only it didn’t take a stone to make this crack. It was my fucking ballpen which did it. I was writing something. I was holding the ballpen. But I was so sleepy so I moved from my desk onto the bed to work with my laptop, notebook and pen. STUPID ME! I must have slept and left the ballpen on the keyboard and that’s  probably when the black magic happened.

Shit! Shit! Is this a dream? No! Is this a nightmare? This can’t be happening just a day after New Years. Actually, this can’t be happening. Period.

I didn't have the heart to take a picture of my laptop but it definitely looked worse. There was now way I could still use it cause I could't see anything. This was way better because she was able to use it for weeks before she finally decided to buy a NEW ONE . How to be you po, Colleen?
I didn’t have the heart to take a picture of my laptop but it definitely looked worse. There was no way I could still use it cause I couldn’t see anything. This was way better because she was able to use it for weeks before she finally decided to buy a NEW ONE. How to be you po, Colleen?

I walked out to the terrace and tried to breathe in some fresh air. That was the first moment I ever wanted to smoke after I quit 2 and a half years ago. I didn’t smoke, of course. I didn’t have any.

I was 100% awoke at this point. I was aimlessly pacing from the terrace to my room. I sat down and could taste the baked macaroni I had for dinner. I started to search for the cost to repair a retina. The more I read about it, the more I wanted to cry.

So I rushed to my daughter’s room and woke her up at 7 AM. We searched together. No, I asked her to search on her own because it was too much for me. I was just working last night, and the nights and days before that. We were saving up for our trip to South Korea this May. We were so excited for that trip. We made so many plans already. Now, this unnecessary expense, just because I slept? Am I not allowed to rest? I was too tired! Yes, Mons! You’re allowed to sleep but you should have closed the laptop and put the pen as far from it as possible. You know, just as you always do? 

$150 -> $300 -> $450 -> $600 – The cost kept rising as the hours passed. And I’m sure so did my blood pressure. So I had to calm myself down. There was nothing else I could do. I’m stupid. It’s broken. It’s expensive. So what now? Do I need a laptop? YES. Do you still want this laptop? YES. Can you afford it? MAYBE?

I called Powermac Service Center at 10 AM, as soon as they opened and told them of this bad dream I had. And they told me, it’s more or less – $600. So, Google sort of prepped my heart for the break already that it didn’t break any more than necessary.

We brought the laptop to Festival Mall on the same day, even if I probably couldn’t afford it. I had to pay P2,500 ($50) for diagnostics (to see if there’s any more damage aside from the retina), a cost that is not deductible from the P27k to P30k possible total repair cost. They said they’d email after a week for the quotation, then I’d need to pay at least 50% of the cost so they could order the parts from Apple Singapore once the quotation was out, and the balance can be paid upon release of my laptop by the first week of February.

The actual cost of my stupidity on the quotation.
The actual cost of my stupidity on the quotation.

That gave me hope. I had a few weeks to work for the payment. I just needed the projects to milk the money from. Projects! Projects! The ones I said I was going to take more on because we were going to Korea. I still had to tackle but for a different reason. 😦 That was so disheartening.

To cut this stress-filled journey short, I got my laptop back last Saturday. The balance was deferred for 3 months at zero interest. Thank, God! And it would have not been possible without the help of a friend and her ever loyal and faithful credit card. Thanks, Kat. Also, thank you for rushing to Powermac Greenhills to pay because the POS Terminal in Festival Mall was busted. No amount of salad dressing could make up for that. :p I’m forever grateful!

Also, thanks to my little ones, for patiently lending me their laptops so I could work. I practically snuggled and wouldn’t let go of Kirby’s for one whole month because I buried myself in piles of freelance work. (I’m still buried, as of this writing, btw).

Friends talked me out of having it repaired but I pushed it through, anyway. They said the cost was like buying a new one. They’re right. It’s expensive. And I could have bought a new PC for the same price. But my mac was barely a year old. It’s as good as new;  as fast as new. Besides, it’s a gift from my uncle. I didn’t spend a dime for it. So, I just counted the $600 as purchasing cost for a 2nd hand unit, of which I was also the original owner. That makes sense, right?

As for Korea, can I still afford it? MAYBE? :p

We have to move the trip from Spring to FALL (to maybe, winter *whispers*). That’s fair enough….and a whole new story to blog about. Excited much! 🙂


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